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Published on May 11, 2009 By Savyg In PC Gaming

As an intro, if you're wondering what 'smap' is, it's a playful take on 'spam' for those of us at nForcersHQ who like to talk crap with our friends.


I find it fascinating when a company that drives much of what we call PC gaming can't keep up. 

I finally bought the Fallout 3 addons on GfWL and laugh that people love to complain about Impulse (for some of the stupidest reasons!  But anyway.)  The client installed my addons but refused to progress from 'downloaded' to 'installed' even though I can use them fine in the game.  Heh.

Not only that, but the out of game client won't keep itself updated nor update the redist for in-game...

Yeah, sheesh.  MS created so much we use but they really let their PC gaming stuff suffer, and now they're trying to reignite it but aren't even publishing games for it...heh.  There's just no apparent drive for them in this area, where their other entertainment teams seem to get tighter integration and a lot of effort pushed at them.  At least they're improving it, but it's too disjointed.  Even EA Downloader works better at the moment, and it suffers from the lack of auto-updating also.

I expect better, MS, get to it.


Anyway, enjoy my first post.  It suffers from a distinct lack of zombies.

on May 11, 2009

It looks to me like Microsoft is screwed when it comes to digital distribution. No retail games, crappy service... What's to like? Stardock and Valve are WAYYY ahead of them there!

on May 11, 2009

I think Microsoft likes to change their tools in 'tiers' so we'll see a version 2.5 and a version 3.0 just like with .net and Zune and whatever.


I think they need major work on the client first.  It's a good start getting DLC going on the PC, but they barely even have any content yet.  Kinda sad.


I'm hoping MS will get serious with digital distribution...Xbox Live is definately worth mentioning for its varied amount of content, but as far as gaming in general they don't have much else going right.